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A Bible Challenge for 2018

How often do you read the Bible? Do you read it at all? If your honest answer to those questions are "not much" or "no", you are not alone. Most people, even professing Christians, struggle to regularly engage in scripture reading. As I preached this past Sunday, only about 20% of the US population has read the Bible one time through or more, and less than 50% have read more than a few scripture passages, if anything at all. The reasons are varied; We don't have enough time in our busy schedules, we have no knowledge of how to read the Bible, no resources to guide us through it, no one to help us understand it, no interest in learning more about it, or we simply don't think it's a very i

Two Teeth and Some Magic

I'm writing this the week before Christmas, and I wanted to share a story that has touched my heart this week. It began a few weeks ago when my 10-year old son Ben lost a tooth. He's lost a few in his life, so this was just another chance to earn a buck or two, not a big deal. He's at that age though where he's begun to be suspicious about the Tooth Fairy and whether or not there is a real one, or if mom and dad somehow involved in a vast conspiracy. So the first night, he put the tooth in a plastic bag, and held onto it tightly all night. Of course, this meant that the Tooth Fairy couldn't get it from him. The second night, it was tucked back deep into the middle of his high loft bed,

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