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Cultural Theology

Think for a second about Bible verses that have stuck with you in life. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", "The wages of sin is death", "For God so loved the world He gave his only Son", "God helps those who help themselves", "Everything happens for a reason", and so on. Often times we turn to Biblical words and sayings as a comfort food that nourish us and build up our faith and reliance on the church and on God. However, as my statements above show, we often don't realize how many of these words of comfort aren't actually biblical, nor are they words that we should be relying on. The last two quotes above aren't actually in the Bible, nor do they help us cope with di

Our Families, Our Future

I remember sitting in a Bible study in Pontiac, IL with a group of around 20 mostly senior-aged parishioners. I asked them, "Who has been the most important spiritual mentor in your life?" Almost universally, this group of 60-80 year old church members shared the impact on their faith that their childhood Sunday School teachers, and Adult volunteers during their young adulthood, had on their faith, their life in general, and their continued commitment to God and the church. I can still see the glean in their eye as they described lessons they remembered, over 50 years later, that changed their lives. They were universally appreciative of previous generations who committed time and effort

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