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Three Simple Rules

The founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley, provided three simple rules for Christians meant to be our way of living as we seek the sanctifying grace that leads to holiness. These rules sound easy, but in practice are far more difficult to follow in our daily lives. The rules are "Do no harm", "Do Good", and "Stay in Love with God". These rules should be a litmus test for everything we do in our local churches, in our community, in our family and in the world. They should extend to our politics, our financial decisions, and our relationships. How do we begin to see the ways to live these principles more completely, as we build the kingdom of God on earth? Doing no harm is not limi

Our Call and Connection

Since the very beginning of the Methodist Church, both clergy and lay members from around the world have gathered each year in conference as an intentional act of unity and fellowship. Part of what makes us Methodist is the critical act of sharing our successes, our resources, our stories, our mission and our place at the communion table across the entire denomination. This tradition continues this year, as our Illinois Great Rivers Conference will gather once more at the Peoria Civic Center on June 7-9. Over 600 pastors and 600 lay leaders, in addition to special groups and conference committees, will descend upon Peoria community for worship, discussion and to vote on key issues within

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